About Apollo Grace

Aloha. I am a spiritual sexual educator, shamanic minister, and transformational coach.

I began my spiritual path by studying Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, and continue to use it as my primary framework for understanding growth and development. Soon after, I went to my first workshop connecting spirituality and sexuality, and it was “like coming home”; it offered profound healing for my own deepest wounds and showed me a unique gift I had to offer others. In the many years since, I’ve studied and practiced extensively, and now offer a range of sessions and workshops to help share the healing I’ve received.

I’m delighted to work with you in developing a transformational and vibrant relationship with your own self, as well as developing and expanding your skills in connecting deeply with others. I’m willing to go with you into the dark places – the places of shame, of shutdown, of feeling cut off from your juice – and find the golden life-force that waits for you when that material moves.

I look forward to working with you. Contact me at apollo@nullgrace-awakening.com.

  • Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Minister, Venus Rising Association for Transformation
  • Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Divine Feminine Institute.
  • Member and initiate, Mankind Project.
  • Graduate of the International School of Temple Arts, Sedona, AZ.
  • Experienced Shamanic Astrologer
  • Zegg Forum Facilitator