Trump’s Chart

Certainly one of the most polarizing, disturbing, and (to some) inspiring figures of our young century is the 45th President, Donald Trump. Several people have been asking what I see in his birth chart. Much of what I found there surprised me. (Disclaimer: I write from the perspective of a progressive democrat.)

Trump's Chart
Moon in Sagittarius
Mars and Rising in Leo
Venus Conjunct Saturn in Cancer

Trump has a pretty loaded chart for a leadership role. His Mars (♂) and Ascendant (As) are both in the late degrees of Leo, which is essentially the archetype of the Star, the King, the Golden One. There are no planetary aspects complicating this relationship – it’s entirely in alignment with his chart for him to be famous and/or in a position of leadership. He was even born at the full moon, which carries some similar energy.

There are only two real challenges on his chart – one is with the feminine, he’s got Saturn (♄) right on top of his Venus (♀) in Cancer. Saturn can represent wisdom, but it can also represent a sort of old-testament-God energy, the old man in the sky who’s judging us all. It easily feels critical. Usually this plays out as someone either experiencing women and the feminine as being very critical of him, or him being very critical of women. I suspect it’s actually more the former – his disrespect of the feminine is probably a dodge to avoid that sense of criticism he feels.

The other is with communication – he’s got Neptune (♆) square to his Mercury (☿), which can make his thought and communication confusing – difficult to separate dream and reality.

So all of this looks like our Mr. Trump. Ironically, the healthy version of all of these would make for an outstanding leader. If he wasn’t lost in narcissism, he could bring forward the true Leo gift, which is to say “I’m the Golden One, beloved of God, but so are you; so are we all.” Someone with this same chart could be an inspiring leader in that way. The healthy form of the Mercury/Neptune complex is visionary thought & communication, and the healthy resolution of the Saturn/Venus complex would be an honoring of feminine wisdom, both externally and within his own feminine side.

My understanding of narcissism is that there are moments during a child’s life, at ages 2 or 3 or so, when the child first experiences shame, which is overwhelming and terrible. If the child is held through those moments, and told that he’s OK, that he is loved, he develops the ability to hold shame and move through it; if not, he’s stuck for the rest of his life running from it, and exporting it – placing the shame and the blame for everything in his life on everyone else. It’s a miserable existence, and all the Leo inflation is really not helpful.

It’s worth noting as well – he wasn’t just born on the full Moon, he was actually born just a couple hours before a full lunar eclipse. (Not visible from New York, because it happened at midday, but definitely visible on the other side of the planet, including places like Afghanistan and Syria.)

-Apollo Grace

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