Open more fully into who you truly are. Know yourself as a divine and worthy being on all levels.

Energetically, spiritually, mentally, sexually, emotionally, and physically, we all develop blocks and holding as forms of protection. This holding may have served us once, by insulating us from pain or fear, but they also wall us off from ourselves and from others. I work with you in workshops or private sessions on finding those blocks, bringing them into conscious awareness, and choosing how to move forward – whether to take them down, and how much to release at a time. Together, we extend an invitation to greater unity within your self.

This work often brings up shadow feelings of fear, anger, or desire. My role as a healing facilitator is to receive you completely, without judgement, honoring both the divine and the shadow impulses within you. I don’t need you to be anything other than what you are. Seeing that clearly, your body/mind/spirit can choose how it wants to align itself moving forward.

One-on-one sessions:

  • Awakening and Healing (AH) sessions, with guided energetic practices working with all chakras, embracing your total physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual nature. $200/hour.
  • Shamanic Astrology Readings, for guidance on life path, relationships, and awakening to your true nature. $120 per hour. (Recordings provided for review later.)
  • Individual Shamanic Breathwork sessions, $180 for a session (about 2 hours total).
  • Relationship and self-development guidance and coaching, from a shamanic spirituality perspective, $90 per hour. Explicit questions and topics welcome. In person, on the phone, or on Skype.

Group Events:

  • Shamanic Breathwork, a powerful transformative journeying technique, fueled by intention, music, and your own breath.
  • The Authentic Lover, workshops to examine love, relationships, sexuality, and integrity from the masculine perspective.