Shamanic Astrology

A Roadmap for your Life

We can all use guidance from time to time. When looking at our careers, our relationships, our big life decisions, we are often led back to the root questions of who we are, and what we’re here to experience. Shamanic Astrology is a powerful tool for revealing and exploring the themes of your life – the grand narratives of what is meaningful to your soul’s journey – what is and isn’t your dharma in your current life.

The elements of your birth chart tell a story, showing us what you expertise and talents you were born with and what archetypes or mystery schools you are here to explore. Shamanic Astrology does not make any specific predictions, or regard any chart alignments as “good” or “bad”; rather, it helps us identify what skills are present, what challenges are likely to arise (in life purpose, in our work in the world, in relationships) and what types of strategies are likely to work in dealing with those challenges.

In readings, we get to examine the following questions:

  • Lineage – what does your birth chart tell us about your innate skills and competencies?
  • Life purpose – what did your soul come here to explore?
  • What sort of masculine or feminine are you here to express? Which God or Goddess archetype?
  • What is the nature of your inner beloved – the characteristics you may be drawn to, but which are ultimately part of your own nature?
  • Your wounded healer – what wounds show up in your chart? Through them, what medicine do you have to offer others?
  • Relationship comparison – how does your chart line up with another’s? What are the gifts and the challenges of that alignment, and how can you move together most skillfully?
  • Right livelihood – what is the nature of your work in the world?
  • Current cycles – what are the particular opportunities and challenges showing up for you this year, and how do you take advantage of them?

I offer readings for $120/hour, by phone, Skype, or in person. Contact me at or at 808-283-6320. All readings are recorded as MP3s for your further review.

“Thank you for the tape and cd [of my reading]. I have listened to it and it really helps to hear it again, especially for the parts I didn’t really get the first time. My husband also has listened to it and says you are really good at this. In many parts you described me very well. I will highly recommend you.”